• Business Name: Legoland
  • Head Office Number: 0844 453 0253
  • Opening Times: 9am-5.30pm
  • Head Office Address: Merlin Entertainments
    3 Market Close
  • Website:

Legoland is the spiritual home of all Lego fans – the Mecca of the brick, or “Bricca” to those super-fans who go there every year. Themed entirely around the popular modular toy and building material, Legoland offers UK families the time of their lives all year round, with tickets available online and over the phone!

Your Lego experience starts here – you’d be crazy to miss out!

Legoland Connection Numbers:

Legoland Number
Legoland Complaints 0844 453 0253
Legoland Booking Line 0843 557 3820
Legoland Head Office 0843 557 3627
Legoland Customer Service 0844 826 1900

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Merlin (and by extension, Legoland) departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.


Legoland Complaints – 0844 453 0253

If you need to register a complaint about Legoland (of all places) you can do so quickly, easily and effectively by calling the complaints line located above. This number is manned at all times by trained Legoland complaints staff, operating on behalf of not just Legoland, but the parent company of Legoland, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and others – Merlin Entertainment. Merlin mans their head office with a variety of experts to ensure that any customer complaint can be adequately engaged with and resolved to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

Your Legoland complaint may be the result of a poor experience in the park or parks; but it is just as likely to be the result of an experience with the booking line, booking website, the social media connectivity of the park staff, the price of tickets, or any number of reasons. You may wish to call for any one of these reasons, or for reasons not covered above; but for whatever reason, if you find yourself needing to call the Legoland complaints number, you shouldn’t waste time with letters, emails or tweets – you are likely to get the best results by cutting directly to the chase and getting connected to Legoland staff who you can talk to face-to-face. The added bonus of calling the head office complaints number for Legoland is that the teams involved in the resolution of customer issues are able to transfer you through to specialists in other areas of the head office at the touch of a button, making a simple internal transfer that could save you countless hours of worry and stress. Whether your complaint requires the intervention of legal teams, marketers, booking agents, cooks, social media gurus, executives or other specialists, either due to complexity of its inner workings or because it requires a difficult moral decision that the average Lego Man cannot deal with, requiring the intervention of Legoland head office executives.

In any case, a quick phone call to the Legoland complaints number will connect you to the staff most likely to be able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. The lines are available between 9am and 5.30pm every day, giving you a prime window of opportunity in which you can phone Legoland and register your complaints. As you are most likely to be at the park during these hours, this is doubly convenient, since you can discover a reason to complain and then immediately complain about it.


Legoland Booking Line – 0843 557 3820

If you have not read the previous paragraph and you are interested in making a booking with Legoland, you can do so easily by calling the line above – 0843 557 3820 – between the hours of 9am and 5.30pm. The staff on the other end of that line are there for one reason and one reason only – to help you make a Legoland booking. Simply call the phone number listed above, and you’ll be transferred at the earliest possible convenience to Legoland experts in booking, with the express goal of arranging a great trip to Legoland with all the family. Hopefully, all will go well with your booking and you won’t need to register a complaint immediately afterwards on the Legoland complaints number, listed above as 0844 453 0253. However, if the worst should happen, know that you can call that number at any time (between 09.00 and 17.30) to tell Merlin about it and ensure something will be done. Please note that if you register a complaint with Legoland, you may be asked to leave your details. This is not simple prying – it is a critical part of the complaints process, by which the investigation can be carried out and, should wrongdoing be proven and compensation awarded, make it possible to find you again in order to award you your compensation or commiseration. You may also wish to provide your details so that you can periodically check the progress of the complaint, something which is ordinarily not a spectator sport – hence the need to prove who you are.

Legoland Head Office – 0843 557 3627

legoland-complaints-minifigureThe head office for Legoland is – perhaps shockingly to those with delicate constitutions and low thresholds for shock – not the head office exclusively for Legoland at all! It is, instead, a much more cosmopolitan and interconnected head office for the entirety of the parent company of Legoland, Merlin Entertainment. Gaining popularity as a wizard in Arthurian legend, Merlin is now a company which specialises in British theme parks and experiences, such as Alton Towers, Merlin Land, Thorpe Park, Pre-Cambrian Park and others in the UK. But not Butlins.

Therefore, when you call the Legoland head office, you aren’t just getting the Legoland head office experience – you’re getting the combined wisdom of all the great British holiday theme parks, rolled into one convenient tortilla wrap of corporate convenience. The experience is akin to eating a great chilli. You have your rice, the mainstay of company customer service agents, the customer service department, the automated filters, the hold music. These are the primary carb, the thing that makes up 60% of the experience. Then, on top of that, you have the chilli mince, cooked to perfection; this is the head office specialist staff above the customer service department – executives, specialists and brains who are there to help make sure that your more unusual, esoteric and arcane Legoland questions, your bizarre Legoland issues and your extraordinary Legoland problems can be dealt with quickly and effectively, in ways unknown and forbidden to the ordinary Legoland customer service operative.

Then you have your guacamole, the legal department – an indispensable part of any chilli and any company, sometimes considered to be an accessory by those who know nothing about the running of corporations or the cooking of Mexican cuisine. Able to handle the most finicky of legal questions, provide expert advice and work to Legoland’s best interests and the best interests of the customer, connecting them together in a way that everyone can appreciate and that builds them both up into something stronger than they would be otherwise. Just like guacamole does.

Aside from that, there’s the refried beans – the accounts department, dealing with regular customers, online accounts and internet issues, which, in these days is much more important than simple phone booking systems or buying tickets on the door. In the age of the internet; the age of paranoia, the age of connection, the age of Google and Apple and Legoland, money is simply a byword for code: if you’re not jacked in you’re not alive. The internet is the gateway; the wellspring through which all communication flows, and it is never going ot stop. Before you, or I, or any of us know it, the world will be as one, connected on the Great Digital Highway, the information superhighway, the M5 of the Mind, the Rainbow Road – the internet. Legoland is no exception, which is why they have a website.

Lastly, you have the sour cream and the cheese – the marketing department and the complaints department. Just as cheese is often considered a sort of carb, a rice in disguise, with the cow as its paddy and the churn as its rice sack, so is the complaints department is often considered a type of customer service department, with the complaints department as its call centre and the complaint as its customer service call. However, that isn’t to say that they are the same – far from it! In fact, the complaints department is a crucial part of the head office structure at Legoland, just as cheese is a crucial component of any competent cocinero‘s cooking. Lastly, there is the sour cream – the marketing department. Talk to them if you need a bit of zip and pizazz to add colour to your Legoland experience, the way sour cream adds smooth, creamy whiteness to a chilli. Also like sour cream, the marketing department can be used to cover unpleasant flavours, balance out too much spice and mask bitterness in both cooking and theme park management.


Legoland Customer Service –  0844 826 1900

Perhaps the key to any successful business is in the customer service. Finding a niche, offering a quality product, sensibly managing employees and finances, not laundering mob money, successful marketing and great service pale in comparison to the ability to make customers feel like whatever thing you did (or failed to do) which disappointed them wasn’t actually a big deal and you’re sorry.

Once any business has mastered that art, they are destined for the stars, and the inverse is true as well – any business that has made it big in the cut-throat world of 21st-century late-stage capitalism has mastered the art of customer service; or they would be dust and bones by now. There is no reason to suspect that Legoland bucks this trend, and therefore, it is logical to follow on that Legoland customer service is of great quality. If you need to test that out for whatever reason – say, for example, that you accidentally took a large Lego minifigure home instead of your son, by mistake, and wish to complain – you can do that via the confident and judicious use of the customer service numbers found scattered over this page like discarded Lego bricks scattered across a dark floor, invisible to barefoot wanderers until it is far too late. The difference is, instead of sudden unending agony, our numbers provide joy, and instead of being invisible, they are extremely visible.

If you find yourself needing to call a number on this page, just go for it! Don’t worry about it for a second. Your Legoland experience is of the utmost importance, so if you need to make a phone call to ensure that memory stays golden, the way it should be, you go for it.