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Amazon UK Contact Numbers:

Department Phone Number
Amazon UK Complaints 0844 826 8084
Head Office 0844 826 8084
Customer Services 0843 557 3372
Amazon Prime Helpline 0843 320 9598

Amazon UK Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Amazon UK Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Patriot Court, 1-9 The Grovetown, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1QP

Reasons to contact Amazon UK complaints:

      • If you are unsatisfied with something on your Amazon UK account and wish to close it.
      • If you are unhappy with service you have received via an Amazon UK seller.
      • If you have been charged for something you didn’t purchase and wish to complain to Amazon UK.
      • If you wish to make a complaint about a certain product available on their site.
      • If you are unsatisfied with the customer service that you have received previously through an Amazon UKseller or Amazon UK delivery driver.

When is Amazon Prime Day?
Where does Amazon UK ship to?
How do Amazon Dash buttons work?

Amazon UK complaints

The number above will take you to the Amazon UK complaints department. There, a member of the customer service team will help you with any query of complaint you may have. If your complaint can be resolved over the phone, a member of the team will help you. If it cannot be resolved over the phone, you will be given a reference number and be contacted at a later date in the future.

Amazon complaints email address

If you wish to complain to Amazon UK but would rather email your complaint as to have it in writing, you can do so by visiting their help page. Here you can whittle down your query and find answers if you need them. If this service does not help you, you can ring the number above and talk to a member of the Amazon customer service team, who may be able to help you more. Alternatively, you can also visit the Amazon forums, where you may find an answer to any questions you have.

Amazon prime complaints

Are you a member of Amazon prime and wish to complain? There may be a number of answers to your query already on the Amazon UK forum. On the forum, there are thousands of questions relating to Amazon prime membership. If you can’t find your answer or would like to speak to a member of staff, ring the number above to be put in contact with a member of the customer service team. They will then transfer you to the relevant department.

Amazon delivery complaints

If you have had a bad experience with the delivery of your Amazon UK items, you can contact Amazon on the number above to complain. If you have video evidence of a delivery person mishandling or damaging your packages, you may be asked to send this in as evidence. If you do not, you may be asked to discuss your complaint with a member of staff at the courier’s office. Amazon usually uses Royal Mail services in the UK. However, some sellers on Amazon have their own courier service. The best way to find out who delivered your parcel is to get in touch with the seller of your item. They may offer alternative help if your item is damaged.

Amazon complaints procedure

If you have already filled in a complaint form on the Amazon website, or you can’t find the answer your query on the Amazon forums, ringing this number is the next step. Amazon UK does not have an email address for you to email, so talking to someone over the phone is the only form of contact beyond those two means. Once you have spoken to a member of staff at Amazon, your complaint should be dealt with within two weeks, depending on who your seller is.


When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day was introduced on July 12th, 2016. It’s unclear whether Amazon will be holding another Amazon Prime Day, however, 2016’s Prime Day saw a giant profit for the retailer. Prime Day is a day for Prime members to enjoy mass discount across the Amazon UK site. Amazon Prime costs £79 a year and includes the Amazon Prime video streaming service, which is similar to Netflix.

Where does Amazon UK ship to?

Amazon UK complaintsAmazon ship to countries all over the world. For the full list of countries, visit this customer help page. Some sellers on Amazon may not ship to your country, we advise that if your seller is not Amazon UK that you get in touch with them via email.

How do Amazon Dash buttons work?

Amazon Dash was introduced on September 1st, 2016. They are easy to set up and ensure that you will never run out of your favourite products. For example. an Andrex Amazon Dash button allows you to place a button on your toilet. Once you have run out of your toilet roll, you simply push the button and your brand will automatically be purchased and shipped to you the next day. You will receive an email about the order, so you have plenty of time to cancel it if you so wish. So far, this service is only available for Prime customers.

About Amazon UK

Amazon started trading as an online bookstore in 1994. The name for Amazon was decided because a number of sale items seem like an “exotic bazaar”. Soon after its incarnation, Amazon started selling DVD’s, CD’s, and VHS, and to this day sell a number of household items as well as fashion clothing.
In 2016, Amazon made a deal with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, in order to create the technology to deliver parcels via air drone, effectively cutting delivery waiting times. It is unknown whether this technology will be on the market any time soon. However, Amazon have started testing same-day delivery for some areas of the UK. For more information on this service, ring the number above or visit the Amazon website.

Below is their latest advert, released in September 2016, introducing their new dash buttons.

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