Three Complaints

Three, or 3, is a telephone and internet service provider in the UK.

 Three Contact Numbers:

Three Phone Number
Head Office  0844 826 8076
Three Contract Complaints  0844 826 8076
Customer Services  0843 218 9631

Three Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8:30am-11:30pm, 7 days a week

Three Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Star House
20 Grenfell Road

Reasons to contact Three complaints:

    • If you are unsatisfied with your Three contract or wish to alter or cancel it.
    • If you are unhappy with service you have received at a Three branch or store.
    • If you have been charged for something you didn’t purchase and wish to complain to Three.
    • If you wish to make a complaint about a certain individual in your local, or any, Three store.
    • If you are unsatisfied with the customer service that you have received previously at a Three store.

How long are Three mobile contracts?
Why is Three mobile broadband so slow
When is my contract up with Three mobile?

Three complaints department

The number above will put you in contact with the complaints department at Three. Once you have been put through to a member of staff, they will help you with any query or complaint you may have. Once you feel as though your complaint has been properly dealt with, you can hang up happy that a member of the customer service team has seen to your complaint. If they have been unable to resolve your situation at the time of your call, you will be given a reference number, and will be contacted in the near future regarding your complaint.

3 network complaints

Three ComplaintsSometimes, the Three network can fail or fault. This isn’t unusual and is usually fixed within 24 hours. However, if you believe that you have poor phone signal, 3g or 4g, you can ring the number above to file a complaint about the level of service you are paying for. Unfortunately, some areas of the UK are less likely to receive signal than the bigger cities. However, once you have explained your query with Three, they will take all the necessary steps in order to ensure you receive great reception and network in the future.

3 complaints email

If you would like to contact Three via email instead of via phone, you can do so by sending an email to Hopefully, Three will respond to your complaint within 14 days. If they do not, however, we advise ringing the number above and talking to a member of the customer complaints team.

3 mobile complaints procedure

As well as ringing the number above, or emailing, Three, you can also fill out a complaint form on their website. With this, you can enter all of your details and complaints easily. Once you have completed the form, you can send it off online. This will reach a member of the customer service team at Three, who will aim to contact you within 14 days of receiving your complaint with an aim to compensating or offering you money off your next phone. If you would rather speak to someone face to face, you can do so by visiting your local Three store. Here, you can speak to a  customer advisor straight away, who can rectify your situation as soon as they can.

Three customer service complaints

In the past 5 years, Three have received many complaints about their customer service, as well as complaints concerning how hard it is to cancel a contract with them. From 2014, Three have sought to rectify this, and complaints about customer service have since dropped. If you have had a bad customer experience with Three, you can contact their complaints department on the number above, via email, or complaint form over on their website.

Local three store

If you need support with your Three phone, or would simply like to browse the deals they have on offer, you can visit your local Three stores. If you do not know where your local Three store is, there is a handy locator over on the Three website. This will let you know where your local store is and how to get there. Alternatively, you can browse the Three website to see if they have any deals that suit your needs for a phone. Three offer deals on all the latest smart phones, including iPhones and Samsung phones.


How long are Three mobile contracts?

The majority of mobile phone contracts with Three last for around 2 years (24 months) however, you can visit your local store for more details and offers on 48 months and 12-month contracts. Usually, the cost of your phone will determine how long your contract is set for. However, you may be able to pay for a lot of your phones cost upfront, and pay less money each month to pay for the remaining amount of money.

Why is Three mobile broadband so slow

Depending on where you are in the country, your broadband may be slower. For example, broadband in a city will usually be faster than broadband in the country. This is because of Three’s masts. They cover roughly 70% of the UK, however, if you live in more rural areas, you may not be getting the most out of your broadband. For more information on whether you are covered by Three’s masts, visit your local store. If you would like to complain about your broadband service and coverage, ring the number above to be put into contact with a member of the Three complaints team.

When is my contract up with Three mobile?

You can check how long you have left on your mobile contract with Three by logging into your account online. If you have forgotten your details for your Three account, you can ring the Three customer services, and a member of staff will help you find an answer to your question.

About Three

Three launched in March 2003 and provides mobile networks, 3g and 4g. Their first stores also opened at the same time, one in Birmingham and one in London.In 2010, they launched sales of the iPhone, behind o2 and Orange.
Three launched 4g in 2014, with the aim of reaching more people throughout the UK with higher speeds and excellent broadband services.
Below is their latest advertisement campaign, which aired in May 2016.

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