Bella Italia

  • Business Name: Bella Italia
  • Complaints Number: 0843 816 6141
  • Opening Times: 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Head Office Address: Bella Italia, c/o Casual Dining Group Ltd, 163 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BU
  • Website:

Bella Italia Complaints Number - 0843 816 6141


All information about Bella Italia’s complaints number can be found on this page.

Bella Italia Complaints Numbers

Bella Italia Numbers
Complaints 0843 816 6141
Head Office 0843 816 6139
Menu Complaints 0843 816 6138
Customer Services 0843 816 6137
Jobs 0843 816 6136
Delivery and Collections 0843 816 6147

Bella Italia Contact Number Opening Hours

Bella Italia Opening Hours
Head Office 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Bella Italia Head Office Address

Bella Italia Address
Head Office Bella Italia, c/o Casual Dining Group Ltd, 163 Eversholt Street, London, NW1 1BU

Bella Italia Complaints Procedure – 0843 816 6141

If you wish to make a complaint about a service you received while visiting a Bella Italia restaurant, possibly surrounding the way a member of staff treated you or the food you were served, there are a number of ways you can make contact with the Bella Italia team. You can call 0843 816 6141 where you will be connected with a colleague who is happy to help you in any way they might be able to. If you call then they will try and deal with your issue immediately or will offer you some kind of resolution that will come into effect over time. To contact Bella Italia in letter form you can send your complaint to

Bella Italia
c/o Casual Dining Group Ltd
163 Eversholt Street

where you can also attach any evidence you may want to provide. This method of communication may take a little longer to address than others as postage times must be added on to the time it takes to read and respond to your letter, but you can be ensured your complaint will be dealt with. You can also leave a complaint online on the Bella Italia website here by choosing to leave ‘Restaurant Feedback’. From here you can leave your comment with Bella Italia staff who will continue your correspondence through email.

If you believe you would like to take your complaint higher, you can visit the Casual Dining Group website and find contact information from there.

Bella Italia Menu Complaints – 0843 816 6138

Bella Italia put a lot of thought into creating their menu, not only filling it with delicious Italian cuisine, but also considering all dietary needs people might have. Their menus offer signs for foods that are suitable for vegetarians or vegans and also highlights dishes that are under 300 or 600 calories, contain alcohol and meals that are either naturally without gluten or that can be made without gluten at your request. However, if you have recently visited a Bella Italia restaurant and are unhappy with the food you were served or offered for whatever reason, the team members on 0843 816 6138 would be happy to listen to and solve your problem. It is always important to consider new perspectives on the menu, so if you have a complaint that could result in the menu’s improvement they will be happy to hear it.

Restaurant Complaints – 0843 816 6137

Bella Italia takes pride in the presentation and reputation of their restaurants, from the design of the dining area to the staff and management they hire to run their restaurants. They consistently aim for high customer satisfaction and try to be as inclusive as possible. Yet, if there is a situation in which you have visited a Bella Italia restaurant recently and the restaurant was a mess and an unpleasant surrounding to be in, or a member of staff or management have acted rudely or behaved badly to you, then the Bella Italia team will want to hear about it. Call 0843 816 6137 where someone will be waiting to register your complaint and find a resolution that leaves you satisfied at the end of the transaction.

Delivery and Collections – 0843 816 6147

There are two ways that you can have Bella Italia food in the comfort of your own home – by choosing to order your meal to take away or by ordering your food through Deliveroo. There is a takeaway menu available on their website which gives you the choices of food that are made to be taken away. If you wish to order through Deliveroo you should check on the app to see if Deliveroo collaborates with your local Bella Italia and also if they’re available to deliver to your home. However, if you have recently had food delivered and are unhappy with the quality of the meal, or you are displeased with the possibility that you cannot have food from your local Bella Italia restaurant delivered to you, you can call 0843 816 6147 to leave a complaint and from there your problem will be dealt with in a timely manner by a member of the wonderful Bella Italia team.

Jobs with Bella Italia – 0843 816 6136

If you’re looking to start a career with Bella Italia then it is easy to find a role you can fit into. When visiting the Bella Italia website you can search specifically for a vacant job in your nearest location if you know which job role you would like to fill. You can also search by location, which will display all jobs available in the area, which can help you browse through job options that you may be suitable for. While you’re on the website you can view the kinds of roles they have at Bella Italia, such as Head Chefs, Waiters, Restaurant Managers, Marketers, Kitchen Porters, Accountants and Pizza Experts. Along with jobs in the kitchen and waiting staff, there are multiple office and management roles that you can apply for. Bella Italia is always expanding, so when you search for jobs you can keep an eye on any new restaurants that may be opening in your area, where you can guarantee there will be new jobs available shortly.

It is easy to apply for a job with Bella Italia and doesn’t take long for your application to be completed. If you are interested in applying for a job with Bella Italia or you have already applied and are wondering how your application was received then you can call 0843 816 6136 to be put in contact with a member of staff who can answer any questions for you.

About Bella Italia – 0843 816 6139

Bella Italia is a chain of over 90 Italian restaurants within the United Kingdom. the chain is a part of the Casual Dining Group who own other restaurants like Cafe Rouge and Las Iguanas. The chain started as two smaller restaurant chains that merged and rebranded as Bella Italia in 2002.

Deals and Vouchers – 0843 816 6139

There are multiple deals and vouchers that you can use within Bella Italia restaurants for money off your meals. You can use Leisure and Love 2 Shop vouchers, with the Leisure vouchers being accepted in both paper and gift card forms and the Love 2 Shop vouchers only being accepted in paper voucher form. These allow you to claim money off your meals depending on how much your voucher covers and what parts of your meal it covers. You can also find vouchers for Bella Italia on sites like Money Saving Expert, which means you can easily claim money off your meals if you know where to look. It is also possible to buy gift cards within Bella Italia for your friends and family that you know love visiting the chain.

There are also Tesco Clubcard Deal tokens which allow you to use tokens you have gained from your purchases in Tesco to buy your food within Bella Italia. These can be used in almost all Bella Italia restaurants, although there is a short list of sites they will not be allowed within on the Bella Italia website. These tokens can be valid for either full or part payment of the food you have ordered and cannot be used to pay for your drinks, merchandise, take away food, gift cards or tips. They also cannot be used in conjunction with other offers like voucher codes, set menus and kids eat free deals.

If you have any questions about any of the deals or vouchers that you can use within Bella Italia then you can call 0843 816 6139 where all of your queries surrounding a cheaper meal at Bella Italia can be resolved.