Royal Mail Complaints Number

royal mail complaints

Royal Mail Other Numbers:

Royal Mail Numbers
Head Office Complaints 0844 826 8010
Royal Mail Redirection Complaints 0843 557 3406
Complaints About Postman 0843 557 5144

Royal Mail Complaints Department Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Complaints Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm, Saturday 8am-1pm and Sunday 9am-2pm

Royal Mail Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Royal Mail Group
100 Victoria Embankment


How to Complain to the Royal Mail:

  1. Before calling make sure you have all your postal/delivery information to hand.
  2. Call 0844 826 8010 to be put through to a customer service advisor.
  3. The customer service advisor will take down every detail of your complaint and try to resolve the issue there and then.
  4. If they are unable to resolve your complaint, they will provide you with a unique reference code so your complaint can be tracked.
  5. You should be contacted within 14 days of making your original complaint.


Where are Royal Mail distribution centres?
When do Royal Mail deliver until?
How to find your tracking information

Reasons to call the Royal Mail Complaints number:

  • To make a complaint about a delivery that you were expecting.
  • To make a complaint about a parcel or letter that you have sent which hasn’t arrived at the recipient’s address.
  •  To make a complaint about your postman/post woman.

Royal Mail Complaints Department

The Royal Mail Complaints Department is staffed by friendly, helpful staff who will be waiting to help resolve your complaint. You can make a complaint about lost mail, about where your mail has been redirected to or make a complaint about your local postman. There are several ways to make a complaint; by calling the complaints phone number at the top of this page, by emailing for a response within 10 days or by writing to the address in the table above.

Once you have given full details of your complaint, Royal Mail promises that they will take no more than 30 days to respond to it. International delivery complaints may take a little bit longer as foreign couriers may have to be involved. In some instances, Royal Mail may require extra information from you regarding the complaint- you have two weeks to respond to the request.

For some complaints, you might need to fill out a ‘loss, damage or delay’ form which you can download from the Royal Mail website or pick up from your local Post Office.

Royal Mail Delivery Complaints

Delivery from the Royal Mail should take 1-3 days, depending on which class the item was sent: first or second. If you were expecting your delivery to arrive today and it hasn’t, you can use the Royal Mail service updates page to see if there were any delays in your area. If the parcel would have been too large to fit through the letter box, check for a ‘something for you’ card and with your neighbors. If you’ve followed all of these steps and there is no sign of your delivery, contact Royal Mail complaints using the phone number on this page.

Royal Mail Redirection Complaints

If you’ve recently moved house, you’ll need to change your address so that all of your post gets delivered to your new house. Whilst this ensures you don’t miss any important mail, it also helps to protect you from possible identity fraud. In order to set up your redirection, you’ll need the names and dates of birth of anyone that needs to have their mail redirected, as well as the address and postcode of your old and new address.

If you have set up a redirection and your mail is still being sent to your old address, call Royal Mail complaints on 0844 826 8010 for assistance.

Royal Mail Complaints Missing Mail

If you think that your mail has been lost, you can make a claim for compensation. For first class or second class items, you should claim 10 working days after the due date. For Royal Mail special delivery, allow five working days. Mail can be undelivered if the address was considered ‘undeliverable’, access to the address was restricted, the item was labeled incorrectly, the correct postage wasn’t paid or there were concerns about the content of an item.

If you believe that your mail is missing and you’re entitled to compensation, call Royal Mail complaints using the contact details on this page.

Royal Mail Complaints About Postman

royal mail postman complaints
royal mail postman complaints

If you have concerns about your postman, for instance, how they handle parcels or letters, you can make a complaint to the Royal Mail.

Royal Mail Parcel

Royal Mail has several types of parcel delivery services, depending on what you need to send and how quickly it needs to be delivered. For urgent or important parcels, you can choose Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed for timed, next day delivery with tracking. You can choose Signed For first and second class so that you’ll receive a confirmation when a delivery has arrived. If you need to send a parcel internationally, the Parcelforce Worldwide service gives you full tracking information.

Royal Mail Business Account

Whether you are a small/medium sized business or larger, Royal Mail can save you time and money by planning a parcel service tailored to your needs. If you regularly send items overseas, Royal Mail aims to make sure that items always arrive safely and on-time. You can open an online business account to place orders, pay invoices and produce delivery reports. If you wish to close your business account, you can do so by filling in a contact form on the Royal Mail website.

Popular questions about Royal Mail

Where are Royal Mail distribution centres?

You can find your local distribution centre using the Royal Mail website- simply input the first part of your postcode and you will receive the address, telephone number and email address of your local distribution centre, as well as information on the postcode areas that it serves.

When do Royal Mail deliver until?

Royal Mail items are usually delivered no later than 3pm, or 4pm in rural areas.

Where is Royal Mail tracking number on receipt?

Your tracking information is usually located at the bottom of the label- it will be a long number. On your Post Office receipt, it is the number next to where it says ‘barcode’.

About Royal Mail

Royal Mail was originally established in 1516- Henry VIII established a position called ‘master of the posts’. The Royal Mail service was first introduced to the general public in 1635.

Today, the Royal Mail has over 160,000 employees and a net income of around £450 million.

For more about Royal Mail, visit the website or call the phone number on this page.

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