Cash Converters

0844 248 3664

Cash Converters is a chain of second-hand shops with a financial lending arm. If you have a complaint about a Cash Converters product or service, call 0844 248 3664.

Cash Converters Complaint Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Customer Complaints 0844 248 3664 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Loan Complaints 0844 248 3665 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Cash Converters Buying Complaints 0844 248 3667 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Cash Converters Selling Complaints 0844 248 3668 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Cash Converters Store Complaints 0844 248 3669 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm
Cash Converters Loan Complaints  0843 208 1737 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm

Customer Complaints

There are many reasons you may need to contact the customer complaints team such as to make a complaint about a product that you have purchased at a Cash Converters store, to make a complaint about the Cash Converters pawnbroking service, to make a complaint about a Cash Converters payday loan or to make a complaint about a Cash Converters employee or store. With so many opportunities to buy and sell products, it’s natural that you may occasionally need to make a complaint about a service. The complaint could relate to a product which you have purchased that you feel does not meet the specifications or that you sold an item and you don’t feel as though the valuation was fair. Cash Converters takes complaints very seriously and will aim to resolve issues as soon as possible. Once you have made a complaint, it will be logged by the complaints team and you will be sent a letter of acknowledgement. The team will then investigate your complaint and you should receive a final response letter within eight weeks. If you are unsatisfied with how Cash Converters has attempted to resolve your complaint, you can pass your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You will find information on how to do this on your final response letter that you receive. To contact the customer complaints team please call 0844 248 3664.

Loan Complaints

If you need to borrow some money to see you through to your next payday, Cash Converters has a Cash Advance loan. You can borrow between £30-800. Before you can borrow the money, you will be subject to an affordability assessment to ensure that you can afford the repayments without getting into financial difficulty. Loans are only available in-store and you must bring with you two forms of documentation, one to prove your identity and the other to prove your address. If you are a new Cash Converters customer, you’ll need to bring your last 60 days of bank statements; for regular customers, you will need to bring 30 days. If you are currently in employment, you will need to take with you, your last two payslips.

You should only ever take out a loan if you can afford the repayments as falling behind on payments can cause serious financial difficulties. With that in mind, if you do feel that you need to make a complaint about your Cash Converters loan- for instance, if you feel like the repayments are unreasonable or that you were mis-sold the loan, you can contact the Cash Converters complaints department on 0844 248 3665, where an adviser will be willing to take you through the complaints process.

Cash Converters Complaints Email

If you’d prefer to send an email with your complaint, you can send your details through to the address

You will have to give as much detail as possible, including your name, address and customer number. Also provide details of the complaint, the store and the concern. If you’re emailing your complaint, don’t include any sensitive information such as your bank details.

Cash Converters Buying Complaints

Call the number 0844 248 3667 to make a complaint to Cash Converters regarding buying items from them. If you find that you have purchased items that are broken or aren’t what you expected, and you are refused a refund then you can call this number to make a complaint.

Cash Converters Selling Complaints

For issues you’ve had with selling items with Cash Converters you can call the number 0844 248 3668 to make a complaint. When you call this number you can complain about unfair selling fees that you were given, hidden charges that you weren’t expecting, or any other problems you’ve encountered trying to sell your unwanted goods to Cash Converters.

Cash Converters Store Complaints

Make a complaint about a Cash Converters store you have visited by calling the number 0844 248 3669. When you call this number you can complain about the store itself, if you found the store to be incredibly dirty, issues in the store weren’t marked with appropriate signs, or the layout of the store meant you couldn’t get around easily. If you found the facilities in the store or the accessibility to be of a hindrance to you, you can also call the number above to make your complaint.

Cash Converters Employee Complaints

Get in touch with Cash Converters on the number 0843 208 1737 to make a complaint about an employee you dealt with at a store. You can phone this number to complain about the attitude or the lack of assistance that was provided to you whilst visiting a store. When you call, you’ll have to give as much detail about the incident, the store you visited as well as the date and time of the visit. It can be useful to have the staff member’s name, but it’s not essential.

Cash Converters Complaints Address

Department Address
Cash Converters Head Office Complaints Innovation House, Aston Lane South
Preston Brook, Cheshire