How To Make a Complaint To Subway

0800 085 5058

Subway is an American sandwich chain with stores all over the world, it was founded in 1965 originally as Pete’s Super Submarines and the name was changed in 1968 to Subway. If you have recently visited a Subway restaurant and had a negative experience whether it was due to the food or an employee, you can find out how to complain by reading the guide below.

Call Subway to Make a Complaint

The best way to get in touch with Subway to file a complaint is to call their customer service team, you can do this by dialling 0800 085 5058. Once you’re on the phone to a member of the Subway customer care team you need to provide them with some details of what happened, you need to include the location of the restaurant you visited, any employee names if necessary or a description of the employee if you don’t remember the employees name, the date and time the incident happened and any other important information as well as a detailed description of what happened. If you have photos or other media you would like to show Subway to aid your complaint, inform the customer service team member of this and they will provide you with an email for you send the media to.

Send Restaurant Feedback to Subway

To send a complaint to Subway online you first need to go to the website and select the tab ‘contact us’ that runs along the top of the screen. Once you are on this page you will see two tabs, one that says FAQs and one that says contact us, you need to select the contact us tab and then select the ‘give restaurant feedback’ button. You will be urged to find the restaurant you were at or enter the restaurant number which you can find at the bottom of your receipt. You will then need to enter the date and time of your visit, some of your personal information and then you need to write out what happened when you were in the restaurant that you would like to file a complaint about. You should receive a reply via email in a few working days.

Write a Letter of Complaint to Subway

If you would prefer to write a letter of complaint to Subway you can do so by following these steps. You first need to include a return address, an email address and some other personal information, you then need to include what Subway location your issue happened at as well the date and time of the event. You then need to include any information you feel is important and the issue you experience such as employee names or descriptions of employees if you don’t remember their names and details of the issue you experienced. You can print out any pictures of the issue if you have any. You then need to send the letter to the Subway head office:

Chaston House,
Mill Court Hinton,
Great Shelford.
CB22 5LD,
United Kingdom

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