How to Leave Virgin Media

Leaving Virgin Media can be notoriously difficult if you want to switch to another supplier for your broadband, TV, or phone. Read this guide to find out how to leave Virgin Media. You should know that Virgin Media has a notice period of 30 days before you can leave.

What to Do Before Leaving Virgin Media

It is important to check the terms and conditions of your contract with Virgin Media before you try to cancel it. The Virgin Media cancellation policy usually involves paying expensive cancellation fees if you leave your contract before it expires. The maximum fee for early disconnection from Virgin Media is £240. Your cancellation fee could be up to this amount, even if you are cancelling because you are moving home. You do not need to worry about early exit cancellation fees if your Virgin Media contract is a rolling 30-day contract. Bear in mind that any products which come with a Virgin Media service may need to be returned when you cancel the service. One of the issues with leaving Virgin Media is that they have their own separate network. This means that if you are switching supplier, you cannot just contact your new supplier and let them handle it. You must contact Virgin Media about the cancellation directly by yourself. Make sure that you co-ordinate the switchover properly so that you are not left without any services. Confirm the cancellation cost before proceeding.

How to Leave Virgin Media Online

You can log into your account on the Virgin Media website by clicking on the “My Virgin Media” tab and entering your sign-in details. Your account will store all the information relating to your services and bills. This is where you should be able to check your contract for its expiry date and cancellation policy. Unfortunately, you cannot simply terminate your Virgin Media services with the click of a button. You must contact Virgin Media and confirm both your identity as the account holder and your intention to cancel. They normally accept this in writing or verbally over the phone. There is no e-mail address for Virgin Media, but they do offer a webchat. Follow this link and click on the red “Message Us” button to launch a live chat and discuss cancelling your Virgin Media account online with a person at Virgin.

How to Leave Virgin Media by Phone Call

The best way to leave Virgin Media if you are looking for a better deal is to call them. Do research beforehand and have quotes from other suppliers ready for comparison. Ring Virgin Media on 0345 454 1111 when you are ready to discuss cancellation. You should be able to provide information such as your Virgin Media account number, all of the service contracts that you have, and what their monthly costs are. When you call Virgin Media, you will usually need to enter your Virgin Media phone number or your account number to get through to a person. Then you can ask to speak to the cancellations department or transfer to the retentions team. These are the people who you can negotiate with for a better deal if you aren’t happy with their service but aren’t 100% committed to leaving Virgin Media yet.

How to Leave Virgin Media by Post

Writing a letter is the old-fashioned way of cancelling a contract, but it is still an option. You can send your notification of cancellation in writing to Virgin Media using the address listed below. Use a trackable postage method so that you can be certain of the delivery. However, the date of your notification is likely to count from the day that they read it, which will not necessarily be the same day that they receive it. This means that your 30-day notice period could begin and end later than you intended, which is the risk you run by using snail mail.

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