How to Complain About Vodafone

How to Complain About Vodafone

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Vodafone is a British telecommunications company also operating in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. It is the 4th largest mobile operator in the world according to the number of customers. Vodafone began in the early 1980s as a military radio company, doing research into commercial mobile technology. Maybe because it has so many customers, Vodafone also receives quite a lot of complaints. Customers in the UK frequently rank Vodafone as the worst mobile service provider. If you are an unhappy Vodafone customer and you want to know how to complain about Vodafone, follow the information in this guide to complain.

Vodafone Pay As You Go Complaints

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, then you might have a complaint about a Big Value Bundle or a Big Value Six Pack. There may be an issue with Pay As You Go 1 if the cost just isn’t adding up right. Or you might have problems collecting or spending points with Pay As You Go Rewards. You could be unhappy about the lack of availability of Vodafone Freebies, or the charges for Vodafone IOU. To make the complaint, call Vodafone on 0843 557 4961. Press 1 and enter your Vodafone mobile number to identify your Pay As You Go account.

Vodafone Pay Monthly Complaints

You might have a contract with Vodafone where you pay a monthly bill. If so, then you can also call 0843 557 4961, press 1, and enter your mobile phone number to discuss your Pay Monthly account. You can complain about things like Pay Monthly Extras and premium rate charges. Complain about problems with data capping or issues with your Vodafone bill. Or complain about your Red Entertainment plan or Red+ if you have these. You can complain about your Vodafone contract if you are not happy with it, especially about early exit fees.

Vodafone Home Phone Complaints

Landline phones are less common these days, but some customers do still have Vodafone home phones. You can complain to Vodafone about faults with your equipment if a part of your home phone system isn’t working properly. Call 0843 557 4961 from any phone, press 1 for customer services, then enter your Vodafone home phone number. This could be any feature from voicemail to caller display. You can complain about security issues with spam calls. Or complain about inconsistencies on your phone bill if there’s a call you didn’t make.

How to Complain About Vodafone

Vodafone Broadband Complaints

You might also have a Vodafone Broadband monthly package to connect to the internet in your home. Complain if there is a problem with your connection or broadband speed. It is common to experience issues at first when setting up the router and controls. If there are severe problems with broadband speed, then you could be entitled to a discount on your bill under the Ultimate Speed Guarantee. To make a complaint, call Vodafone on 0843 557 4961, press 1, and type in the home phone number linked with your broadband account.

Vodafone Network Complaints

If you constantly have problems getting a signal on your phone, then you should complain about Vodafone’s network coverage. You might have trouble making calls or connecting to Wifi despite paying for the service. To complain about things like this, you can fill out and submit Vodafone’s online complaints form. You might want to use their Status Checker to find out if there are ongoing widespread coverage problems. Complain if you can’t connect to Vodafone Wifi hotspots or if 4G is not available in your area and you are stuck using 3G.

My Vodafone Complaints

Your account management area is called My Vodafone. You can log into this online through the website or with the mobile app if you download it. Complain if you have problems with accessing your My Vodafone account. You can complain about the closure of My Vodafone services such as Vodafone SmartPass and Vodafone Wallet, although they are not likely to bring them back. Complain if you are unable to top up or pay bills through My Vodafone. You can contact Vodafone to do this by starting a live chat (click on “chat to us” to launch it).

Vodafone VeryMe Rewards Complaints

Mobile phone customers with Vodafone can access rewards simply for being a Vodafone customer. Examples of rewards include free food from selected retailers and discounts on cinema tickets. Complain if you cannot access rewards through My Vodafone even though you are eligible for them. Or complain if you attempt to use a reward and does not work. You can report this to Vodafone by submitting a complaints form. Or make a complaint to an adviser via live chat if you want them to sort the issue out immediately so you can use it.

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