How to Complain About Ocado

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Ocado is an online-only supermarket offering home delivery in England and Wales. As you might notice, the name comes from “avocado” – they are known to offer a range of healthy and fresh food. However, there are frequent issues with Ocado deliveries and even delivery drivers behaving badly. This guide tells you how to get in touch to complain about Ocado.

Complain to Ocado by Phone

The fastest way to address a complaint about Ocado is to call them. Dial 0345 656 1234 to speak to a person at Ocado about the issue you are experiencing. Make sure to have your order number or account details to hand so that they can find it and take a look. You will need to call if there is a problem with an Ocado home delivery to ensure there is a timely resolution. They will be able to contact the driver for you and find out what is going on. If you are not an Ocado customer, you can still complain if something they do affects you.

Complain to Ocado by E-mail

Faster than writing a letter but more private than social media, the complaint e-mail is the second-best method. The contact e-mail address for Ocado is simply, meaning that this is the complaints e-mail address as well. You should send it from the e-mail address that you use for your Ocado account. If the complaint is about an Ocado order then include the order number. You should include details like the times and dates of the issues you experienced, and any supporting evidence like photographs if you have them.

Complain to Ocado on Social Media

If you are not getting the response you need from Ocado through other channels, then public complaints are good at getting attention. You can post on Facebook or Twitter to request a response to your complaint. Remember that if you are posting a public comment, you should not include personal details. Only include details in private messages between yourself and Ocado through the platform’s messaging system. You can also keep sending messages to them if they fail to respond appropriately. Include images as proof of issues.

Write a Complaints Letter to Ocado

The old-fashioned complaints letter still works, even if it is slower. It can also cost more to complain this way, because you have to pay for postage. However, a letter to the Ocado head office is more formal and more likely to command attention. It is good as a last resort to escalate an ongoing complaint if Ocado customer services do not resolve it. Include your return address, or specify the method that you would prefer them to contact you by. You can take the opportunity to set a deadline for the action you are expecting Ocado to take.

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