How To Complain About a UPS Driver

0345 787 7877

UPS is a courier service delivering your parcels all over the world. Sometimes their drivers can be careless and damage your package, deliver it in a dangerous place that could have resulted in the package being stolen or be rude to you during the delivery, whatever they have done to upset you, you can find out how to file a complaint to UPS about their driver using the guide below.

Call UPS to Complaint About a Driver

The easiest way to file a complaint about a UPS driver is to call the UPS complaints number on 0345 787 7877. Once on the phone to the team, you will need to provide some information about the negative experience you had as well as any information about the driver you know. You will need to provide delivery address, van registration plate if you know it or some of it, the driver’s name, a description of the driver if you didn’t catch their name, when the event happened and what happened that you wish to complain about. If you have any photos or videos you wish to send UPS to aid your complaint you can do so by informing the customer service team member and they will provide you with an email to send the videos to.

Send UPS a Complaint Email About a Driver

If you would prefer to send UPS an email about the driver you can do so by writing your email and sending it to You need to include your delivery or pick up address, the van registration number if you know it or part of it, information about the driver such as name or a description if you do not remember it and a detailed description of the incident that you wish to file a complaint about. You can also attach media such as photographs or videos that support your claim, this could be security camera video of a delivery driver throwing or mishandling your package or footage from your phone that you have taken of the event. They will reply within 1 working day and will keep you up to date using the email address you have sent the complaint from.

Complain About a Driver Using Social Media

You can get in touch with UPS by contacting their social media accounts. They have accounts on Twitter and Facebook that you are able to contact in order to complain. If you would like to complain through Twitter you need to write a tweet to the UPS Twitter account with a general overview of what happened, do not include any personal information as this Tweet will be able to be seen by other Twitter users. The UPS Twitter account should reply within a few hours informing you to DM them with more personal information regarding the event such as your email, delivery address etc. If you would like to complain through Facebook you can go to the UPS Facebook page and select the ‘Message’ option, you will then be able to write a private message to UPS, you can include personal information such as your delivery address etc. to help the team identify the delivery and take the appropriate action against the employee.

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