How To Complain About Travelodge

If you would like to know how to complain about Travelodge you can follow the below instructions on this helpful guide.

how to complain about travelodge

How To Complain About Travelodge Via Phone Call

To file a complaint about Travelodge via phone call you first need to dial 0843 557 3538. Once on the phone to a member of the Travelodge complaints team, you need to inform them of what happened during your stay that made your experience negative. Try to include as much detail as possible including your booking number, staff names/descriptions, the hotel you stayed in and the hotel room if you know it. You may be contacted again after the original phone call if they need any more information regarding the complaint or if they would like to give you an update on your complaint.

How To Complain About Travelodge Via Website

If you would prefer to send your complaint about Travelodge through their website you first need to go onto the Travelodge site and find the ‘contact us’ page in the menu. You will then be taken to an online form where you will you need to enter your reason for contacting (make sure you detail all the important parts of your complaint), your title, full name, email, phone number, confirmation number, hotel name and the date of your stay. You can then submit your form and within 7 working days, you should receive your reply if you have not had a response you should call the number listed above to contact the complaints team.

How To Complain About Travelodge Via Post

If you would like to file a complaint about Travelodge via the post you first need to write a letter including some personal information such as you name, booking details and hotel details. You then need to write a detailed explanation of the issues you experienced at your stay in the Travelodge. You then need to send the letter to:

Customer Services,
Travelodge Hotels Ltd,
Sleepy Hollow,
Aylesbury Road

If you don’t receive a reply within 2 weeks you should contact Travelodge using one of the alternative methods mentioned above.

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