How To Complain To Thomson

If you would like to know how to complain to Thomson, now known as TUI you can read the guide below.

how to complain to thomson

How To Complain To Thomson Via Phone Call

You can call Thomson to complain about any aspect of their services by dialling 0844 257 0136. You can call their team with the complaints number and inform them of the issues or experience you had that made your time spent on a Thomson flight or holiday negative. You need to give a detailed explanation of what happened including any information about the flights, hotel or staff members that the issue included. You will need to provide some personal information to allow them to identify your booking and file the complaint.

How To Complain To Thomson Via The Website

If you would prefer to file a complaint to the Thomson website instead you need to go to the site and if you have an account it will save time to log in. From the homepage, you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom where you should see a blue footer with ‘shop finder’ ‘ask a question?’ and ‘contact us’, you need to select the ‘contact us’ link. You will be taken to a page with different sections and different FAQ’s, scroll down to the ‘When You Get Home’ header, there will be a complaints section, you need to select the ‘online form’ link.

You will then be able to fill out a form detailing your complaint. If you have already logged in you won’t need to sign in, if you haven’t you need to sign into your account, if you don’t have an account that is okay you can continue as a guest. You will need to enter your passenger details which include your title and full name, your email address and booking reference. Then you will need to enter your complaint in the box, attach any files necessary and then submit it. You should receive a reply within a week if you don’t you should call the number listed above.

How To Complain To Thomson Via Post

To complain to Thomson via mail you first need to write a letter detailing what happened during your time with Thomson that made your experience negative, any information regarding your flight, accommodation and relevant staff members and your booking reference number, your return address and some of your personal details such as name and email address. You then need to send your letter to:

Columbus House,
Westwood Business Park
Westwood Way

If you do not receive a reply within the next 2 weeks you should call the number above or fill out the online form to file the complaint.

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