How To Complain To Thomas Cook

0843 557 4347

Thomas Cook is a travel agency operating mainly in the United Kingdom. Thomas Cook was formed as a merger in 2007 of Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group, creating the Thomas Cook Group. If you have recently been on holiday with Thomas Cook or interacted with the company and were unhappy with the experience you can find out how to complain to the company by reading the helpful guide below.

Complain to Thomas Cook Via Phone Call

The best way to file a complaint with Thomas Cook is to call the complaints number on 0843 557 4347. You can call the number if you have experienced any type of negative situation due to Thomas Cook or their employees. Once on the phone, you will need to provide some personal information as well as flight or hotel information and any relevant information about the employee you dealt with if it is relevant, this could be a name or description if you cannot remember the employee’s name. You will need to provide exact dates and estimated time of the incident and you can ask for an email address for you to send any relevant media such as photos or videos that will aid your complaint.

Complain to Thomas Cook Online

If you would prefer to file your complaint to Thomas Cook online you can do so by clicking here. Once you have clicked the link you will be taken to the Thomas Cook website, where you will need to click ‘make a complaint’ from the drop-down menu, answer whether you have travelled yet and whether you have already made a complaint or not. After you have filled out this section another section will appear below where you will need to fill out the booking name, your email address, the booking email address, your phone number and your home address. Below the personal information section you will be asked to select from a drop-down menu why you’re complaining, you can pick from flights, accommodation, service received, airport experience, transfers, excursions, insurance (proof of travel) or other, once you have selected the relevant option you will be able to enter your booking reference and an explanation of the issue you experienced, you will also be able to attach any media files to aid your complaint.

Complain to Thomas Cook Via Social Media

You can file a complaint by going to the Thomas Cook social media accounts, they have a Twitter and Facebook account that is available to contact for support. If you would like to choose Twitter to contact Thomas Cook regarding your complaint you can write a tweet to the Thomas Cook support account explaining the issue you experienced, make sure you do not include any of your personal information as this will be available to other Twitter users to see. You should receive a reply in a few hours and they will ask you to direct message the account with the relevant personal information as well as booking information. If you would prefer to contact Thomas Cook through Facebook you can do so by going to the Thomas Cook Facebook page and selecting the ‘message’ button. You will then be able to write a private message to Thomas Cook and explain the issue you have experienced, you can include any personal information and booking information that is relevant as the message will be private between you and the Thomas Cook team. You should receive a reply within one working day.

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