How to Complain to Facebook Directly

0844 257 3019

Facebook is a social media network that was founded in 2004 as ‘TheFacebook’ and was solely used as a face book for Harvard students, in 2005 they changed the name to Facebook and in 2006 Facebook became open to everyone aged 13+ with an email address. It is now one of the biggest social media networks used every day all over the world. If you have experienced some issues with Facebook and you would like to file a complaint with Facebook directly you can do so by following the guide below.

Complaining About a Page, Profile or Post

If you would like to file a complaint directly with Facebook regarding a page, profile or post you can do you by calling 0844 257 3021. You can call this number regarding any user complaints you have whether that is about a Facebook friend you have or a post you have seen on your timeline. Once you have called the number you need to explain to the Facebook employee the issue you have experienced with the other user, page or post. They will be able to see if the situation violates the community standard terms and if it does they will remove the page, post or profile from the site. If the decision can’t be made immediately they will contact you again to give you an update on the action they have chosen to take.

Complain About a Businesses Activity or Account

If you have seen a business account that you feel is violating the community standards of Facebook or taking part in any illegal activity you can file a complaint to Facebook by calling 0844 257 3022. You will need to provide information about the business account and its activity once on the phone to the business complaints team and they will be able to see whether it is violating the community standards or terms and conditions. You will receive an update on the action Facebook have decided to take against the business account once the action has been taken, this may take a few weeks.

Complain About a Facebook Ad

If you are unhappy about an advert that has shown on your timeline you can call Facebook to complain by dialling 0844 257 3023. You will need to describe the advert as well as the company it was from. Whether it is taken down or not will depend on whether it violates the terms and conditions or community standards of Facebook, if it doesnt they will inform you of how to ensure no ads similiar to the ad you’re unhappy with will appear on your timeline again.

Complaining Online

If you would prefer to complain online about any of the situations mentioned above you can do so by following these steps. Make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account before following the below steps.

  1. Go to the post, profile, page, business account, message, comment, advert etc. and select the “…” option (you may have to hold down the message if you’re using a mobile device).
  2. Once you have selected this button you will be able to see multiple options such as mute, follow, snooze or unfollow, you should see a button that says either report or ‘give feedback’, select this button.
  3. Once you have selected this you need to follow the on-screen instructions to file a complaint about the issue you’re having.
  4. You should receive an update on the progress of your complaint in your notification section.

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