How To Complain To CEX

If you want to know how you can complain to CEX you can read the guide below, you can find out how to complain via phone call, through their website and via post.

how to complain to CEX

How To Complain To CEX Via Phone Call

You can get in touch with CEX to file a complaint via a telephone call by dialling 0843 178 5841. You can call CEX to file a complaint regarding any aspect of the CEX services including an experience you have in-store with an employee or if your issue was online. You need to inform the CEX team member of the issue you have been experiencing and that you would like to file a complaint. You will need to provide a detailed explanation of the issue and some personal and store details, if you ordered online you will need to provide information regarding the order such as order number and account information. They will try to fix the issue and then file the complaint, you may then be contacted later for an update on the progress of your complaint or if they need more information about the complaint.

How To Complain To CEX Via The Website

If you wish to file a complaint through the CEX website you first need to go onto the site and select the ‘support’ button on the top right of the menu bar. You will be taken to an FAQ page, at the top you with see a ‘search’ button, click on this button and type in complain. There will be no results for this search but next to the search button it will say ‘contact us’ you need to select this. You will then be taken to a ‘contact us form’ where you will need to enter your name, email address, type of enquiry, subject and the description of the enquiry. You can also attach a file to your complaint. Once you have completed the form you can click the submit button. You should receive a reply within 1 week if you do not hear back you can call them using the number listed above.

How To Complain To CEX Via Mail

If you would rather send a letter to CEX to file a complaint your first need to write the letter including a detailed explanation of the issue you’re complaining about. You also need to include your name, return address, email address and store information/online information such as order number etc. Once you have written your letter you need to send it to:

Unit A, Greycaines House
21 Greycaines Road
WD24 7GP
You should receive a reply within 2 weeks and if you have not received a response you should contact the CEX team in an alternative method listed above.

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